Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ELFIS Story part 8 - Sleigh Hazards

One of the most difficult parts of Sleigh Drivers Ed is learning how to handle the hazards encountered.

There are sky hazards, weather hazards, sick reindeer hazards… but the worst hazard is…well do you know anyone that over decorates?

They create terrible problems for Santa’s and the reindeer in negotiating smooth landings but not half the problem created for the poor suckers that do the decorating..like the guy in this song:

Plastic Santa

Plastic Santa
Lyrics Steven Stay, music B.R. Hanby

Up on the housetop I climbed because
My wife bought a plastic Santa Clause
It came with a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer
and she insisted they go up there

OH OH OH why did I go
OH OH OH why did I go
Up on the housetop so quick quick quick
With my wife's stupid Santa made of plastic

First came the problem with that hammer and nail
I hit my thumb, oh it hurt like H@#$... well
The wind then came up and it really blew
Off the roof me and Santa flew


Next thing I knew, it happened so fast
They had me in a custom made whole body cast
My wife said she was sorry, she seemed sincere
She said: Don't worry about plastic Santa... till next year


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