Monday, December 15, 2008

ELFIS Story part 2 - After North Pole High

In spite of Stu’s struggles as a student he graduated from North Pole High School and unsuccessfully attempted several line of employment. He found himself spending more and more time with the girl next door and besides discovering his love for her he discovered a love for philosophy. They spent countless hours discussing their favorite philosophy, that of “IT”. With her encouragement he eventually enrolled at Tundra University, majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Communications.

He eventually accepted a job as a talk show host on a local radio station and as his popularity increased, it appeared he had finally found his career. For the first time in his life, his parents were proud of him and his girlfriend was excited that they could consider getting married and start a family.

Late on night, life took a dramatic turn for Stu as he was viewing late night TV. Amongst the commercials for Big Rig Truck Drivers and Hot Dog Vendors appeared an infomercial for Santa Technical College. Upon successful completion of the course, it promised guaranteed placement at $25,000 a year for only one month of work. For the first time in his life he was clear about what he needed to do but any mention of it was met with great resistance from those closest to him.

Still, he found himself obsessively drawn to the idea and finally found the strength to follow his heart and go against family and girlfriend. Leaving his old world behind, Stu enrolls at Santa Technical College and starts the process of becoming an official Santa Clause.

In Santa 101, the first thing that happens is the new enrollees are issued their very special cold weather underclothes.

Winter Underwear

LYRICS - Winter Underwear
Lyrics by Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg, music by Felix Bernard

Sleigh bells ring and I'm listening,
But I'm turning and twisting.
'Cause I'm itching up here,
And I'm scratching down there,
I'm walking in my winter underwear.

Now, the front is all battered,
And the back is is all tattered,
But, when I'm cold to the core,
I walk through the "trap door",
And up into my winter underwear.

Through rain and snow and ice I do not worry.
The winter come, I yust don't give a hoot.
My coat and hat and earmuffs keep my cozy
And I wear two pair of trousers with my suit.

But when it comes to all that clothing,
Vell, the thing that I am loathing,
Is when my face turn blue,
The contortions I go through,
Walking in my winter underwear.

They're from Sears-Rooobuuuck....
Walking in my winter underwear

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