Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger - Text a Ho

ELFIS just received word from his sources monitoring the North Pole NAN channels (Naughty and Nice channels). A prominent young man named Tiger has been found singing this song as a result of improper control of his putter.

Text a Ho
Lyrics by Steven Stay, music Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne

Oh my wife finding out is frightful,
But hoochie blondes are just too delightful,
A rich young man has needs too, you know,
So I Text a Ho! Text a Ho! Text a Ho!

I'm addicted with no signs of stopping,
And there's porn stars that still need popping,
So when the lights are turned way down low,
I Text a Ho! Text a Ho! Text a Ho!

Whomever I finally kiss goodnight
How I hate not having them in my phone
Cause since I learned to T9 right,
All the way home I moan.

My endorsements are slowly dying,
My dear wife shes good-bying,
But as long as I have my phone,
I'll Text a Ho! Text a Ho! Text a Ho!

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